Fat Trel Talks Upcoming Mixtape, Louie V Mob and Chief Keef's Incarceration

By ericdiep
January 18, 2013 | 1:45pm EST


Photo By: Darrow Montgomery/Washington City Paper

Fat Trel stays working. The D.C. menace dropped a regional favorite in the DMV, Nightmare on E Street, last year that showcased his street rhymes over menacing beats. Fast forward to 2013: As his fans awaited a follow-up mixtape called Sex, Drugs, Money and Guns, Trel surprised everyone by joining forces with Alley Boy and Master P to form Louie V Mob. Al Capone, which was released this week, features a myriad of songs from the trio including standouts "Brick to a Million" and "Louie Sheets." Now, Trel is focusing on Louie V Mob's New World Order mixtape, which should see the light of day sometime in February. XXL spoke with the rising D.C. rapper on the projects he's working on, Master P's influence, his definition of a "New World Order" and his thoughts on Chief Keef's recent incarceration.--Eric Diep (@E_Diep)

XXL: I hear you are out there in L.A. in the studio. How's that going so far?

Fat Trel: It's going great, man. It's a new vibe. [It's] a new feeling. I love it. I've been out here for about two months now. I moved out here.

What projects are you working on?

We were just working. I'm working on the Louie V Mob project with Alley Boy and Master P. I'm also trying to finish up my tape, Sex, Drugs, Money and Guns. It's supposed to be dropping this year. I'm also wrapping that up. A little film work. A little bit of everything. We dipping in everything.

Where is your head now on this project compared to Nightmare on E Street?

It's just more carefree. It's looser at the mouth. I'm just talking slick, talking shit. A bunch of young goonies on there talking reckless, just talking that D.C. shit. We bringing it back. Nightmare on E Street was more mature, showing that I am a step ahead of these niggas. I'm pretty sure everybody knows that now. Sex, Drugs, Money and Guns is just the truth. It's the naked truth.

What are your thoughts on the D.C. rap scene and where do you think it is going?

I like it. I feel like it's a lot of people stepping up that want to be heard, which is always a good thing. Whether it be me or anybody in my label, if motherfuckers work hard enough, then the right people from D.C. gonna be heard. I love the direction it's going in. We getting behind something positive and when you see a bunch of niggas doing some shit like that, it's always a good thing. We could be doing a lot worser shit. We could be terrorizing the streets. We need shit like that. It's a blessing so I love the direction the DMV is going and as far as music.

The Louie V Mob project is supposed to drop next week. Why did you decide to align yourself with Master P?

I mean, it's one of the biggest legends in the game. We are talking a lot of business, not just music. It was only right that we hook up and hear 'em out. Then he brings Alley Boy, another honcho. Another leader from another state from the street shit. It just made sense. We say, "Fuck it, let's rock and roll." We the realest, fuck everybody else, and that's just how it is.

The Louie V Mob brings together the ATL, D.C., and New Orleans.

Yeah, it's a nice criminal background from three different states you never heard together. I don't think I ever heard New Orleans, Atlanta and D.C. meshing at once track for track. Blow for blow. Bar for bar. Hook for hook. I think it's new, number one. And besides it being new, I mean you got the big homie Master P stamping it. You could only imagine how far it is going to go or what's to be expected. That's why I feel like it's a beautiful thing what we doing.

Master P was also saying that he's the "Phil Jackson of this shit," teaching these young guys.

Yeah, that's exactly what he is. I learned a lot from him. Still more to learn but I learned a lot. Like I said, he's helping us out in situations that are not only raps. He's teaching us a lot of things from acting to financial shit, just giving back to non-profit organizations. It's not just music. I'm learning a lot from him and I am continuing to learn.

He's kind of schooling you on the ins and outs of the industry.

Yeah, me and Alley both. I mean, of course I got a little bit more to learn because I am the youngest. He's schooling us both. It's a work in progress, and it's a beautiful work in progress.



Have you worked with Alley Boy in the past?

I worked with him through a mutual artist that we both know from D.C., but until we got to L.A., I never got into the studio and worked with him from the ground up on a track. These last few months, it's been my first time working with Alley Boy. I like how he is.

How's his work ethic like?

His work ethic is kind of different. I'm the type of person who goes into the studio. I start with the hook and then I do the verses that complete the song. Alley Boy, he likes to come into the studio and do about eight hooks to eight different songs and go back and revisit them with verses. He might not finish the first one he put the first hook on. He might put one verse on it and then go to the third one and do the second verse on that. You know what I am saying? I have never seen anybody work like that. It's good to see different kind of work ethics from a great artist around you. It helps you assert certain situations differently. His work ethic is mean--exactly like mine.

You have also mentioned that the Louie V Mob is the "New World Order." What's your definition of that?

It's just one hundred percent real. It ain't no bitch ass, crybaby ass, faggy-dressin', you know what I am saying? Piercing all in your tongue ring. This ain't no bitch ass shit. Like Master P said, "Fake niggas wearing dresses and he gonna address it." You got gangsters on skateboards. That's not gangster shit. Niggas talking about shooting guns at the same time kissing niggas in the mouth. It's just not gangster shit. It's just a bunch of bitch ass nigga shit going in the industry. It's going to take Fat Trel, Master P and Alley Boy to address it. And who gonna check it? That's basically what we doing.

Are those some subliminal shots at Wayne or is that anybody in general?

No subliminals at Wayne. Like Master P said, he doesn't make diss records. I, for one, don't make diss records. But the truth is the truth. If you hear motherfuckers saying he a gangster and you see him turn around on a skateboard. You know, who the fuck else we talking about? You see these niggas coming in concerts or shows in dresses, who the fuck else we talking about? You see these grown men kissing these other grown men in the mouth, who the fuck else is we talking about? You see gangsters with fucking pierced tongue rings, lip rings, who the fuck else is we talking about? It's too much shit going on and motherfuckers is acting like this is not going on. This shit is crazy. You know, a nigga gonna speak on what the fuck we want to speak on. Who the fuck gonna say something?

It seems like Master P is teaching you a lot. Is he one of your influences musically?

Yeah, he's a huge influence. My father was playing Master P heavily. Of course, all the old heads and the goons. All the old heads around the way was playing him. He is. So is Scarface--a big influence. The whole Geto Boyz and shit like that. The Hot Boyz. Turk, Juvenile back in the day. It's a lot of motherfuckers who is heavily influencing me. I am still young. I am only 22.

P's new mixtape, Al Capone, dropped this week. You are heavily featured on it. What were the studio sessions like?

They were crazy. P coming in and whatever he gets crazy to. He likes to go straight in the booth. Write nothing. He'll sit in there for however long to get the job done. That shit was crazy because I think everything I did for Al Capcone was the first time I came to L.A. It was before I even moved out here. I was in the studio with him and then I would run over to Chief Keef's studio. Fuck with him. Then I would go fuck with my bro Rich Hil. Go fuck with Dom Kennedy. Casey Veggies and shit. We were just doing a lot around that time. I think the second go around it's all Louie V Mob shit. That Louie V Mob shit gonna be crazy. Too turned up.

A couple tracks off Al Capone leaked. What do you think is your favorite off the tape right now?

I would have to say "Louie Sheets." I would have to say that because it's like that hook is just everybody can relate to that hook. Nigga will bitch, everybody can relate to that shit. Like last year, we were barely eating and this year we are fucking on the Louie sheets. Pay attention to how it fucking goes down. Everybody can relate from a nothing to a come up or from being a nigga who came up to nothing. It works both ways so I feel that's my favorite off the project.

Where do you think "Dope Case" will end up? You showed a snippet of you two in the studio.

You never know... the big homie works in mysterious ways. You never know though. I fuck with that record. I love the record "Dope Case." That was the first record me and Master P ever did officially. Master P featuring Fat Trel was the "Dope Case" record. We did that one first. We laid that one first. The first ever and we just kept rolling.

Are you going to be featured on his Boss of All Bosses album?

I can't say. I have no clue. If I did, I would definitely let you know. I am no type of nigga that will hide shit. I guess you just have to wait and see.

Aside from the Louie V Mob, what's been good with the Slutty Boyz?

The Slutty Boyz has taken over my motherfucking living room right now. It's funny that you ask about these motherfuckers. They invaded L.A. It's looking like D.C. in Hollywood. My motherfucking rental office is calling my house. My whole neighbors are complaining. It's too much smoke. Motherfuckers jumping off the balcony. That's what the Slutty Boyz are doing right now, but they working. Of course, they are running D.C. You know what the Slutty Boyz about. They about doing whatever the fuck they please, you know how they rock.

Slutty Boyz have also been working a lot with GBE. You guys have teamed up.

I wouldn't even call it a team up. I guess the public would view it as a team up, but for us it's just a bunch of young real niggas who have connected from state to state. Them motherfuckers just left too, don't get it twisted. They took over my motherfucking living room too. I think that Slutty Boyz and Glory Boyz shit, we can see what the fans like. And the fans don't like it, they love it. They love when both of us connect--number one. And then you got to think of it from some real shit as far as the music industry-wise. We don't really fuck with too many niggas to be hanging around day-to-day or go to a nigga state in the hood. Whenever we in Chicago, it is all love and whenever we in D.C., it is all love. It just so happen that Sosa signed to Interscope, they spend a lot of time in L.A. I just moved here. Whenever they are here, we just rock and roll. Record videos. Fucking around. Bitches. It is what it is.

What are your thoughts on him getting locked up?

I think it's bogus. I think its bullshit. I look at it like this. If the clock is nowhere his old lifestyle used to be and what it's all about. And then you got to look for when they put the man on house arrest and when he got off. What he's been doing? It has been all work. All work, no play. You see a gun in a nigga hand. He did a fucking interview for one of the top three biggest motherfuckers who could be doing an interview on a young nigga from Chicago anyway. Like, if he doing that shit and it's all work, you know motherfuckers know what rappers do. They've been watching rappers do this shit for 40 years plus right now. I just think its bull shit. I don't know. I think it's sour. That young boy just put out an album. Nigga just got on probation. He just put out an album. Let that boy live. It's fucked up, but it is what it is. That shit happen every day.

So as far as the GBE and Slutty Boyz crew record, are we gonna see that this year?

Yeah, you definitely will see that this year. You will see that in 2013. We are putting that shit together. That's the shit that we putting together. Of course, it had to start with me and Chief Keef. But you know, Boosa Da Shoota, one of my artists, just released a mixtape that me, Chief Keef, him and Fredo on it. We got tracks with Fredo, Gino Marley, Tadoe and Slutty Boyz, so there's a lot more records as far as that coming this year.

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